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why you should stage your home prior to listing it for sale.

Sell your home quicker, for more money.

a staged home spends 83% less time on the market

Preparing and selling your home really comes down to two things. 1. your relationship with the home and 2. prospective buyers relationship with the home. This may seem obvious, but its worth repeating: when you're selling your home, the goal is to transition it from unlisted to listed to sold in the shortest amount of time while receiving the highest possible price. This being said, many people begin the process preemptively, unprepared and go down a rabbit hole trying to fix their mistakes along the way. Staging is a great way to physically prepare your home as well as mentally prepare yourself/your family prior to jumping on the market.

buyers form an opinion within 7-10 seconds

Notice how I said "the home" instead of "your home". Staging a home means making it more desirable for another person by emotionally detaching from it as much as possible. You are used to living in your home a certain way and keeping things a certain way, but not everyone lives the same way that you do. A buyer forms an opinion of each home they visit within 7-10 seconds of entering. They would much rather imagine themselves living inside rather than you living there. Even if you plan to use some of your personal belongings and furniture in the staging plan, this is an opportunity to remove personal items and create a blank slate for the life the next person will create there.

a staged home will sell 17% higher

Think of staging as an investment in the future profit you'll receive on the sale of this home. Rather than remembering all the holiday dinners you spent there, it is time to think of this place as a commodity. Your investment in staging will likely be somewhere between 1-3% of the asking price of the home, and will generate a return of 8-10% upon it's sale.

If you're curious about the different types of staging, how it will affect your home's livability while it is listed for sale or other details related to staging and selling your home, please reach out to us for a consultation: 802-343-2531. As always, thank you for reading ;)

The Baldwin Bain Group @ RE/MAX of Boulder

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