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The 5 Stages of Coronavirus Grief - as observed on social media

Updated: May 20, 2020

Though there has been a lot going on in my household during the stay at home order, I have still managed to spend a fair amount of time browsing the internet aimlessly. Based on my unproductive perusing of social media, news articles and blog posts throughout quarantine, I have complied a summarized version of what it appears that most people in the U.S. have been processing: The COVID-19 Grief Cycle. Perhaps you fall somewhere on the scale, having experienced some, if not all of the below ;)

1. Coronavirus Denial - This virus isn't real, it isn't a big deal. I am impenetrable to such an illness. I don't need to be socially distant because I am not in a high risk category. People are blowing this out of proportion. I don't need to be socially distant because I am invincible. Pour me another glass of vino please.

2. Anger at Coronavirus - Coronavirus is ruining my social life. Coronavirus is ruining my business. People aren't abiding by the rules of quarantine. I hate Trump/I hate Democrats. I hate my neighbors. I hate everything. Coronavirus is making me fat. My kids are little devils in small human bodies. Why are people complaining so much? Why can't people just stay home? Why doesn't everyone just agree with my opinion? Why can't my dog just do these zoom calls for me?

3. Bargaining with Coronavirus - How long are we really going to have to do this whole stay-at-home thing? Maybe you (corona) will be gone by May... or June. It's kinda nice not wearing pants. Maybe my dog really can do these zoom calls for me. I wonder if I have already had Coronavirus. Maybe I really am invincible. Were the democrats right? Was Trump right? Was my mom right? Maybe I was right all along. I think I finally understand this thing.

4. Coronavirus Depression - My life is over. I'm never going to see anyone except my dog again. It's 5 o'clock somewhere. I guess I don't even need to really get out of bed at all today... except for snacks. The kids can teach themselves. I can't even learn these TikTok dances. I'm glad the government declared liquor stores an essential business. I am over it.

5. Acceptance - My dog still loves me. I am really going to have to stop snacking so much if I want to survive this. I kinda have a 'work-from-home-routine' now. I sorta like my grocery delivery guy. I sorta like not having to feel bad about being a germaphobe. I finally learned a TikTok dance. This is the new normal. WTF is next though?

*Based on a compilation of news/media opinion from the public.

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