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Is uncertainty as scary as you tell yourself it is?

Today is May 8th 2020. The majority of America has been confined to their homes for the better part of the last two months (or longer).

This quarantine period has offered people a chance to reflect on the way they spend their time from day to day. Some have faced real challenges - losing employment, financial stress, losing childcare, dealing with personal health and safety issues. Some have been confronted with less severe threats like the loss of common social interaction, peer support, group learning, emotional connection and bonding with their community.

Certain individuals have found a new passion or reignited an old flame to pursue a hobby or skill they wanted to develop. Some have spent time contemplating the deeper meaning of health, life, existence, relationships... Some have felt true survival instincts kick in for what may be the first time in their lives. These weeks have given us a chance to step back from the whirlwind in which society operates under 'normal' circumstances, and to be thoughtful about how we want to exist within that reality.

Reflection is the most important part of learning process and it is the key to progress and innovation. Reflection is also frequently the first thing to go when hectic days and the modern flow of information take up so much of our attention. You may not be sentimental. Your reflection doesn't have to be sappy or some extreme spiritual journey (but if that's how you roll then by all means, go ahead). We simply encourage you to think on some of these questions and whatever others arise for you while you have the need. You'll only ever have the time if you make it, but right now society needs a break from the news, media, politics and some time to just think.

Happy thinking. Let us know how it goes in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

What are your top priorities?

What is important to you?

What effect do you want to have on your family?

Your community?

Who do you really really miss during this socially distant era?


Who do you want to spend your days with or without?

Where do you want to be in physical space?

What makes you feel motivated and confident to take on new challenges?

Which fights are worth the fight?

What steps can you take to continue to pursue your dreams/passions?

Is uncertainty as scary as you tell yourself it is?

What 3 things can you accomplish today that will make you feel good?

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