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COVID-19 in a world that revolves around hand shaking.

We won't pretend to be licensed medical professionals or health experts, but as the current coronavirus outbreak continues to creep into neighboring territory, many people are asking how this will affect business for real estate professionals. For those of us on the inside of this industry, we see two key areas of impact. Firstly, interest rates are LOW and buyers have an incredible opportunity to take advantage of market conditions right now. Sellers are also poised to succeed, with home values remaining steady for the time being.

Secondly, we live in a world where relationships matter. Interactions and in-person meetings are key to our business. We shake hands. We open doors. We sometimes visit 10 or more different properties in one single day. As the media continues to put an emphasis on the COVID-19 pandemic, we have begun to see the fear of infection seep into the real estate industry.

We know it's not a perfect solution, but here are some tips on staying healthy throughout this turbulent time.

If you're a buyer looking at property:

  1. Wash your hands prior to going out on a home tour with your real estate agent.

  2. Be courteous. If you have a cold, reschedule your tour.

  3. If you've recently been traveling in a high-risk area, reschedule your tour or send someone as your proxy.

  4. Despite the temptation to use your touch and feel senses when looking at homes, try to keep your hands to yourself as best you can.

  5. Make an effort not to touch your face until you've returned home and washed your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If you're a seller, listing your home:

  1. Place a bottle of hand sanitizer in your front entry with a note asking people to kindly disinfect before touring the home.

  2. Crack the doors to bedrooms, bathrooms and closest so that visitors do not need to touch the door knobs to look inside.

  3. Minimize the number of people touching every light switch in your house by turning all the lights on yourself. Also, ask agents to leave them on after touring the property.

  4. If you have showings or open houses, disinfect with a store-bought cleaner or a simple white vinegar and water mixture after visitors have left the property. Pay attention to door handles and kitchen cabinets, as these are the most likely things to have been touched.

Also, for anyone who wants to boost your immunity and prevent illness, check out this blog post for supplements that will benefit your body and calm mind.

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