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7 top dog parks in Boulder, Colorado

1. East Boulder Dog Park

Perks: Small lake where dogs can play in the water! Nearby playground for kiddos.

2. Foothills Community Dog Park

Perks: Friendly neighborhood park. Huge fenced area. Surrounded by hiking trails.

3. Valmont Dog Park

Perks: Huge park. Local hot-spot. Well-maintained.

4. Howard Heuston Off Leash Park

Perks: Not fenced in. Beautiful in the evenings.

5. Cu South

Perks: Great spot for hikers, bikers, runners, dog-lovers.

6. Louisville Community Dog Park

Perks: Fenced pond where dogs can play. Smaller area for shy pups. Well-maintained!

7. Chautauqua

Perks: Tons of trails to explore with your dog.

Take a quick look at the Boulder County Voice and Sight Tags regulations before heading out to open space and trails. Your dog must be registered in order to be off-leash!

Enjoy exploring some of these places with your lovable four-legged friends :)

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