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5 ways to know if you should trust your realtor

If you open your web browser and start reading about the 'Top company cultures in America' or the 'Best 100 places to work in 2020', you'll find that there is one key ingredient these workplace environments have in common. It has been said that Millennials and younger generations don't hold a job for long and are more likely than previous generations to jump from company to company throughout their careers. We are finding more and more that employees are retained because of salary & benefits, yes, but also workplace culture. People want to be in the know, they want to have transparency and be aware of what is going on inside the business where they work. They want to trust the people who hired them and they want to be trusted by their clients and customers. So why should this be any different in the real estate community?


This deep seeded need for trust is especially prevalent in home buying or selling transactions, and some say it is hard to find among real estate agents seeking their business. How can you know that you've chosen a realtor who is honest and will truly put your best interest ahead of their own? Here are some tips to know if you can really trust your realtor.


1. Does your agent give you his/her full attention when you are together?

Or are they constantly checking their phone, reading emails, and answering calls from other clients? A realtor you can trust is fully invested in helping you and wants to be present during each interaction, as if they were the one making this purchase or sale themselves, instead of you.

2. Does your agent alert you of news regarding your property transaction before you find out about it from someone else?

In every real estate transaction there are lots of 'cooks in the kitchen'. Between lenders, multiple real estate agents, buyers, sellers, family members, inspectors, contractors, etc. it can be confusing. You should feel confident that your realtor is keeping you up to date with every development and that you don't need to constantly reach out to him or her asking for information.

3. Do they take your concerns seriously?

Or are they simply brushing things off as though they aren't really worth discussing? You want to work with someone who is ultimately a good listener. They take the time to consider your questions and thoughts carefully before discussing them with you in as much or as little detail as you want.

4. Is your agent willing to help you find a property that is significantly under what he/she knows your top-end budget is?

Will this person push you to your financial limit to get a better commission, or do they truly have your priorities in mind when showing you property? Put your trust in someone who understands you and your lifestyle, and makes that clear when presenting you with opportunities.

5. Is your realtor representing both sides of the transaction?

If so, it can be very tricky to determine where their interests truly lie. Who was their client first, you or the other party? Do you feel like they are being transparent with you? A trustworthy agent, while ultimately hoping to complete the transaction, will be upfront with you about every detail from the start. They will not give you advice, but will be very objective in this scenario. Even, if you feel that your agent is truly advocating for you, consider how they might be acting towards the other party when you're not around.

In real estate, and in any business transaction, it is important to work with someone who makes you feel at ease. Are you comfortable with the relationship? Has the other person shown you that they are making an effort to deepen that relationship throughout the process?

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” – George MacDonald

As always, thanks for reading our enthralling content ;) We are here to help you, so, please let us know how we can serve you. -The Baldwin Bain Group

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