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5 Reasons not to wait - don't let Covid get you down.

So... We are hoping that during your reflection period, you have all decided to move and sell your homes! :}) AND, we know you really want us to be your listing agents because of how excited we are to embrace this new discovery that you have made and help you into your next dream home ;)

Jokes aside, hopefully you were able to find some value in a moment or two of thoughtful reflection. Now, what's next?

It seems like the realization is finally setting in for many people that things are not going to just snap back to the old 'normal'. Despite the somewhat negative flow of communication we have received as of late, it really feels like we are entering a phase of acceptance and continuance. In our real estate business as well as our community, we have noticed an uptick in mood, motivation and optimism.

If you are considering a real estate transaction this summer or weighing some other personal or professional decision, take the following into account:

the new 'normal' is not normal

We can probably all agree at this point that it is highly unlikely that society will return to a pre-Covid level of functioning anytime soon. With this in mind, the buzzwords "unprecedented times" & "unchartered territory" come bubbling up again. We must concede, there is some truth to these phrases and will be for the foreseeable future, but they should not cause you to put everything on hold indefinitely. If you think you might be ready to take steps towards your next real estate transaction, business expansion, or other life changing venture, here are 5 reasons not to wait.

5 Reasons not to wait:

1. We may never return to our old 'normal'. At this time, there remains an incredibly dense fog of uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the effects it has had and will have on our society as a whole. The way we operate on a day-to-day basis will be different than it was in the past for much longer than 'a couple of months in the spring of 2020'. It is essential that society learns how to function in the 'new normal', which includes taking next steps to achieve your objectives regardless of the uncertainty that persists around us.

2. The economic stimulus package is not a permanent solution. This safety net has been extremely helpful for many people in need of it. But, it is not a permanent solution. Whether you or your friends/family have received loans and/or stimulus from the government, the safety net is not strong enough to hold us up forever. At some point we need to take responsibility for our success and continue to thrive in an ever changing environment.

3. Your analysis is still as good as it always was. You were using available information, weighing possibilities and making decisions long before Coronavirus took over the world. Chances are, you have not lost your ability to perform this skill. You may have actually honed it during this frightening time and have the benefit of being primed for the next challenge ahead. Sharpen your skillset and keep on keeping on.

4. In times of struggle, great opportunities can be found. Struggle is really just a learning opportunity for all of us. During periods of struggle we are naturally forced to be more creative, more analytical and more focused than during times of comfort. Use this instinct to capture what may not otherwise have been noticed or found.

5. There's still... no time like the present. Even though some pessimists may not agree with this old adage, almost anyone you ask will tell you why now is actually a good time to take on something new. With extra time, motivation and/or resources on our hands, now is a great time to tackle something you've previously felt too strained to accomplish. And if you're still questioning it, there's nothing like a life-threatening illness to remind us that we are finite. So we might as well act like it's now or never.

Embrace the new normal, take control and assess the risks and rewards like you always have. If you are ready to talk about a real estate transaction, please reach out to us to discuss current and future market opportunities. 802-343-2531.

As always, thanks for reading ;)

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