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10 ways you'll know this is the right home for you

Discovering the right home is like going on a first date with someone you know you want to keep ;) When you finally encounter THE ONE, you should feel butterflies (and swipe right)! Your emotional enthusiasm about taking the next steps should be obvious, but here are a few ways to recognize the signs and check your logic before making the jump into a contract.

1. You are excited to go inside! Curb appeal is real, and if the home draws you in from the moment you arrive, that's a very good sign. You want to feel happy walking up to the front door.

2. It checks your top 5 boxes. When you visit properties that meet 2, or maybe 3 of your top criteria, you usually feel that something important is missing. If you can find a property that meets your top 5 most important criteria, you will feel confident in your decision to move forward.

3. You can imagine yourself functioning there. If your mind starts envisioning your furniture and activities you will do there, beyond the simple "ok this is a bedroom, this is a dining room" that means you are ready to move in!

4. It meets your current and future needs. Make sure you're thinking about the next 2, 5, 10 years. How long are you planning to live in this home? Will it accommodate your lifestyle and your needs for the duration of that timeframe? If it does, you're on point!

5. You don't want to see any other properties. Scratch that, I'm done!

6. Any projects you want to accomplish immediately will also fit in your budget. Make sure you have a realistic budget for remodels/refinishes/refurnishing costs that are essential for you to make the home comfortable in the short term. Check these costs against what you're willing to offer for the property.

7. You're envisioning fun times for all the seasons. Depending what time of year it is, you know you will love the home year round and can't wait to see the joy it will bring six months from now.

8. You don't want to leave. You've walked through and around the home two or three times, but you just can't bring yourself to walk out the front door and get in the car.

9. You can't wait to tell your family and friends! This home is definitely for you if you're ready to pick up the phone the moment you walk out of the showing, to call the ones you love and tell them how amazing it is.

10. You are afraid of losing it! After recognizing that you want THIS home, you suddenly feel the pressure, and think "what if I don't get it?" This means you're ready to go all in, so ask your real estate agent about making an unbeatable offer.

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