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Boulder Area Market Statistics: inventory of new listings

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This live stats chart compares the inventory of single family homes for sale in the city of Boulder with surrounding towns to the north & east: Louisville, Lafayette & Longmont. After a seasonal dip in the market around the 1st of the year, inventory has ticked up again. We are seeing more houses on the market than we did in 2022 and in 2021. Homes are also remaining on the market longer than we have seen in some time, with an average of 82 days in Boulder and 121 days in Louisville in January. Lafayette and Longmont falling between, with 73 and 79 days respectively.

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Boulder Area Market Statistics: average percent of original list price vs. sold

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This live stats chart shows sale price as a percentage of original list price among single family homes in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette & Longmont. The trend has continued to decline from a high in April 2022 of around 108% - 113% when interest rates were still at all time lows. Homes are now selling for an average of 82% - 93% of list price

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