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Baseline Lake Recreation Group

An exclusive club for a lucky few.

You may have driven by this lake dozens of times or seen it on a map and thought, what is the deal? There is a majestic, quiet, clean lake right here in Boulder and I've never been to, in or on it? We would all love to stop here and take a swim on a hot summer day. However, Baseline Reservoir is privately owned and is a significant water source to the town of Lafayette (to the east) as well as local farmers. It has strict usage rights and protocols in place.

The historic Baseline Lake Recreation Group leases usage rights and operates a small beach off of Baseline Rd. This private club holds only 125 members at any given time, all of whom must own property within a strict physical boundary (roughly outlined on the map below). Today, even those who are lucky and strategic enough to buy within this designated zone must join a 62+ person waitlist in hopes of gaining entry to the club years from now. Still, with Colorado's lack of water access, the wait may seem worthy.

Many of the houses in this area were built in the 60's & 70's and are in need of significant remodeling or rebuilding. In the last two years 22 homes have sold, for an average price per square foot of $358. Despite the dated characteristics of these homes, the lot sizes tend to be on the larger side for a Boulder, CO neighborhood. Location, convenience and the opportunity for lake access all play a part in these home prices, as well as buyer and seller motivation. 

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