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Embrace the outdoors.

Unveiling hidden gems for seasoned outdoor enthusiasts moving to Boulder County. For those in the know, Boulder County, Colorado is...

7 top dog parks in Boulder, Colorado

1. East Boulder Dog Park Perks: Small lake where dogs can play in the water! Nearby playground for kiddos. 2. Foothills Community Dog...

Supply & Demand in Real Estate.

If you are familiar with the basic principles of macroeconomics, you probably already understand supply and demand. Some people forget...

Pre-election jitters in Boulder?

Boulder real estate market heading into cooler times. Earlier this summer, many local real estate experts surmised that our 2020 'selling...

Design Tips for Summer 2020

Are you redecorating? Remodeling? Staging your home for a sale? Just trying to choose a new paint color for those walls you've been staring

Boulder Market Update May 20, 2020

With Memorial Day around the corner, you may be wondering what's really going on in the Boulder Real Estate Market as we head into summer...

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